Image clustering with GMM-EM soft clustering in R

In this article, the GMM-EM soft clustering technique will be used to cluster a bunch of images. The average RGB value will be used to represent an image (the input images consist of a few sky-cloud images, sunset images, forest images or sea images, each category has a different range of average RGB values, so this technique is supposed to work).

This problem has appeared as a python assignment problem in the Coursera Course ML Clustering and Retrieval (by UW).

  1. The following images shown are used for the GMM EM clustering.images.png
  2. The EM algorithm shown in the following figure is used for soft clustering.algo.png
  3. The next animation / figure shows how the GMM-EM gradually converged with iteration along with the increase in log-likelihood per iteration. The x and y axes represent the R channel and the G channel corresponding to a pixel’s RGB value and each point represents an image’s average RGB value.
  4. The next figures show the 4 image clusters obtained. Each cluster is marked by the convex hull containing the images belonging to the cluster.
  5. As expected, the sky-cloud images are all assigned to one cluster with high probability, whereas the green forests, sea images and sunset images form the remaining 3 clusters respectively.

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